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Taking care of myself before all the Christmas celebrations. 🏝💦 I haven’t shared with you before but I’ve been secretly using at-home laser hair removal from @happyskinco and it’s been a game changer for me! After 12 weeks I can finally say that this handset actually works. Frankly you get pretty addicted to it...🤫 So it’s a great Christmas gift - either for yourself or your girlfriends! I can promise that the person who gets it will thank you for a long time, haha! ❤ They’re also having their MASSIVE Cyber Monday sale at the moment so it is the perfect time to buy! PS.: The handset is not waterproof 🙅🏼‍♀️ #happyskinco #Gen2handset

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Slow and mostly wet first days in Zanzibar 💦 Here’s a shot we took earlier at the @nextparadise pool. I highly recommend this place to anyone planning a trip to Tanzania! 🌺

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Beach strolling in my new dress from @fortunateonestore ✨ Summer outfits are my favs. ❤️ Find this look on my stories and use code YOURPASSPORT 💁🏼‍♀️ #fortunateone #zanzibar

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Our backyard sunrise till sunset 🌴 Zanzibar 🌴 This is my favourite dress from the new @arnhem_clothing’s HIDDEN PARADISE collection coming soon! 💘 I couldn’t choose which colour I loved best - so Uros chose the perfect one for me. Makes me feel like I fit into this incredible tropical island. 🌍 Swipe right & let me know if you’ve ever seen waters so crystal clear? 💧 #ecoarnhem

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Zakynthos... So many memories from that place 💫💦 can’t wait to be back in a bikini with salty hair. It’s time to pack for Zanzibar, another bucket list destination to cross off for us. We’ve been wanting to visit this island for so long, I’m sooooo excited to be spending our December days there. Has anyone ever been? We’ve pretty much planned everything up till the last detail but.. Any last minute tips or unknown cool places? 🦋☺️

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It’s almost December and I am already reflecting on the year 2019. Don’t know what we did to deserve this much & to see so many new places 💫 Being happy as a kid right now, this place made me feel all kinds of ways... Can firmly say it deserves the title for the world’s best pool 💫 @hotel_hubertus ➡️ swipe till third video to see @your_passage looking down the edge 🙈

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Mornings don’t get more beautiful than this 💫

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Wandering Hallstatt in fall or winter is equally amazing 🍂❄️ swipe to see how it looks when the season changes 😉

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A casual view in Puglia and @your_passage living 😉💫

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Here’s to all the places we went. And here’s to all the places we’ll go. And here’s to us, wondering where is our next stop... cheers! 🍷

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You’re my spark in the dark 💫

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Still can’t believe places like this exist 🙀🇹🇷 #Cappadocia #Turkey #beautifuldestinations

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Our first ever Sahara trip - had an incredible roadtrip with @greenmotioninternational across Morocco to document some of the most distant world’s places. 💫 This album is a few selects from the last few days of the trip where we were staying at an amazing wild tented camp and got to get up close with camels 🐫 We spent hours cruising & ended our trip with the most beautiful sunset by the road in the Atlas mountains. 🌅 *The freedom of the road is what drives me* . Do you guys love roadtrippin?

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Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. @your_passage

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Back home craving some sun and already planning our next summer getaway 🏖🤓 What are you guys up to? . Photo taken this September in Positano beach just after getting my fresh blonde locks from fave hair artist @simona.mshair

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It's time to reflect on all the Moroccan 🇲🇦 adventures. I am looking forward to sharing our no doubt incredible experiences with you all below. Here's my take on the must see-s and do-s on a typical tourist day in Marrakech: 1) Spend your morning on top of your riad's hidden rooftop 2) 🥞 Enjoy your typical Moroccan brakfast with pancakes and good cup of Moroccan tea 3) 🐍 Go on a stroll through the noisy medina, get one of the henna tattoes, drink orange juice at Jemaa el-Fnaa (here you'll see snakes, monkeys, donkeys - it just has to be seen and experienced!). Other stops throughout the day are Koutubia Mosque and Ben Youssef Madrasa College (this last one is currently closed until 2020 but super picturesque) 4) 🥘 Lunch time at one of the rooftop restaurants like Nomad (one of the few places where you'll find beer around here), or if you're up for a wild taste of camel burger go to Cafe Clock, or if you want to overlook the Atlas Mountains go to Attay Cafe - get the tagine traditionally cooked in earthenware pot 5) 📸 Photo sesh around Medina, because literally everything is worth a snap! OR/AND Shop until you drop' (rugs and carpets, leather shoes and bags, lamps, tea glasses, tagines, spices and a lot more!) 6) 🛁 Now that you're shopped out, the traditional Moroccan bath house will revive you – try one of the amazing traditional hammam spas and finish it off with a delicious mint tea. OR instead chill out at the pool of your riad and have another pot of Moroccan tea there! 7) 🌅 Go back to Jamaa el-Fnaa in the evening for food stalls, dancing performers, games, story tellers… Sunset time head up to Cafe Des Epices or one of the many rooftops in the square for another pot of tea to observe the chaos below you and listen to the sound of prayer 8) 🍴 Dinner out somewhere with belly dancers 9) 😴 Calm down at your hidden haven aka. riad and drink another pot of tea (yep, that stuff is addicting!) after a hectic day that will hit all your senses . Read the comment section for more ⬇️ (my caption got too long 🤣, I really need to get the blog back up 📝) 📍: @ksar_kasbah

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Our Uber ride in Sahara picking us up 🐫

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When everything seems like the movies 🎥 living the Game of Thrones in the old earthen structures of Ait-Ben-Haddou 🏰 it was fascinating to see the real deal compared to how this place was being shown on the show! No wonder they’ve chosen this place as a backdrop, it’s a fantasy! Ps. who else is also fan of the GOT series? ☺️

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If you start working towards things that will make your life a little better, slowly bit by bit you will find yourself being so much more than you were in the past 💚 // which is why for the past 2 months I’ve been using @esmiskinminerals. this vegan cruelty free product has made my skin GLOW. 🌟🌿 it’s made with pure vitamin E spheres which help the pigmentation that i’ve struggled with lately due to the high sun exposure on my travels. clean green skincare has worked wonders for me! and i’m so happy i get to share it with you! check my stories for my complete skin care routine. #esmiskinminerals

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Our oasis from the hustling Marrakech, thanks for the relaxing stay 🌿 @riad_kasbah

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Desert life has offered us the opportunity to slow ordinary moments of each day down—to spend time with our morning ritual, to have a home cooked meal with our friends tasting the local food, to enjoy watching small creatures like scarabeo crawling out at night, to look up at the stars sitting by the campfire... We felt so at home here, and so at peace... Yet we’ve been so inspired to photograph this unique location more than we ever were. It’s amazing how such quiet and remote place has been able to creatively fill us up. ✨🐫🌵 Where do you guys find your inspiration? ~ Ps. Did you know you can see the moon and some of the planets with telescope during daytime? Whatever you do, just don’t look at the sun 😆

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Backyard goals at @riad_kasbah

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Falling asleep to the utter complete quietness in our tent, sipping mint tea surrounded by golden sand dunes, soaking in that middle-of-nowhere silence interrupted only by the beat of drums and the grunts of camels. Yeah, we’re not mad about it. 🌟

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Starry nights ✨💫 @your_passage captured our first astro shot, stoked to see it turned out this way //*amazement*

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