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My everything 💫

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Sky is the limit ☁️ This is something I’ve always truly believed in - there is nothing to prevent someone or something from being very successful. Don’t limit yourself, abandon the comfort and go into the raw experience of challenge. Dare to live nearer to the edge, and you’ll grow. You’ll discover. You’ll hurt, but you’ll have a full encounter with the experience of life. Chase your dreams like I did and life will give back! 🌞

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Isn’t life amazing? Speak to the scenery... 🍃

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Had the best time exploring Austria last week.. 🌞 & not going to lie, excited to be heading somewhere warmer soon!! Drop your favorite Morocco stops below! 🙈 ~ 👗 Bc I know you’ll ask ~ wearing NEW dress by @kivari_the_label - fave collection to date! #Kivarigirls swipe left ~

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Tea time 2000m up above clouds... ☕️🏔 how is this even realllll! One of the most beautiful sunrises I’ve ever witnessed 🌅

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Frosty mornings in the Slovenian Alps.. ready for cuddles all winter ❄️

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Watching the sun rise over the clouds with a cup of tea ☕️ and how was your Friday morning? :)

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Breaking my summer feed with current reality... because Zelenci emerald green lake makes this Fall complete, I could spend hours out here 🍁☺️ What type of person are you - summer or winter?

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Read, work, sleep, go out, drink coffee, connect with people, travel, explore, be happy, be honest and love, love a lot 💕 Wearing a @m_usefashion look, now you have the chance for 20% off with my code ‘larakamnik20’ xx 😘 #musefashionmuse #musefashionwear

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What if we recharged ourselves as often as we did our phone.. selfcare is so important, and taking the time to unwind. So that’s exactly what im gonna do these next few days.. heading to the mountainside 🏔 Stay tuned! ✌🏼🌞

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In denial that summer is long gone. Perfect pool days at @hotel_santa_caterina seem like yesterday... 🌞 #mycaterina ~ What’s the one place you want to travel before the end of the year? ✈️

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“Give me the old movie sort of love” ❤️

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