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I could sulk because I’m not on my way to the annual Beachbody summit event to do a LIVE workout with one of my trainers @jerichomcmatthews 😫 or I can suck it up and bring her right into my living room!!🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ Sure... I’ll be stalking all my fav BB peps but I’ll still be working hard on my goals and taking advantage of the sneak peek workouts for the NEWEST program that launches this month!👏🏻 #morningmeltdown100 Cardio Meltdown ✅ and I sure am glad I had that recommended towel & water close by! 💦💦 #sweatisthesecretsauce #workitout #sweatitout #teambeachbody #strongwomen #fitover40 #fortyandfit #results #humpday

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Второй день международного фестиваля Бориса Березовского: «Игра в барокко». А на втором фото — джазовые исполнители, которых я курирую: Антон Горбунов, Аркадий Шилклопер и Вадим Неселовский. Они играют на третий день фестиваля. . . #Елабуга #ФестивальЕлабуга #фестивальБерезовского #барокко #летниевечеравЕлабуге #openair_festival #БорисБерезовский

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justinrh75. Found myself a “LiveEye” in the bush today.
#tvnews #localnews #WINNew

Found myself a “LiveEye” in the bush today. #tvnews #localnews #WINNewsWesternVictoria #WINNews #cammolife #regionalnews #VWcaddy

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Hiked to the Monongahela River.

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-Telegiornale di Rivazzurra- #winnews #adidasuefa #matchballreplica #bartosummercup Pallone nuovo e seconda partita subito inaugurata dal Barto 1 a 0 dopo una sua traversa e un palo. Poi 2 a 0 di @bro1984 e Barto #doublet 3 a 0. Poi 3 a 1 su una piccola disattenzione di Patrizio dopo diverse palle del Barto salvate che risaliva (i 5 km di ieri mi hanno fatto bene) 4 a 2 di @antonybridge18 (mancava solo lui al gol) e doppia soddisfazione finale anche di Stefano che chiude la partita 5 a 2. Con questo pallone non si può sbagliare, ha un tocco morbido che è risultato insieme all'acquisto FENOMENALE. Applausi e ringraziamenti al trio vincente

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dalteconf. | #DALTE2019 RECAP l
This years conference was SOOO AMAZING! We la

| #DALTE2019 RECAP l . . This years conference was SOOO AMAZING! We laughed, we cried, we danced, we worship and we received outstanding teaching & preaching! It’s hard to put in words all the amazing things we experienced...Hopefully you’re making plans not to miss out on #DALTE2020 . . “Equipping Relationships to Pursue Love/Romance From Destiny & Wholeness Instead of Desperation & Brokenness”. . . #dalte2019 #DontAwakenLoveTooEarly #married #single #dating #sex #relationships #blendedfamily

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Here’s a look at the bush dog family exploring their exhibit after making their debut in April! It’s been very exciting to see Mato and Valentia’s family grow this year, and rewarding to work so closely with these animals on their training. Cathy and I try to train the bush dogs every day to keep up with the behaviors we have established and to work on behaviors that have not yet been established. Valentia and Mato know how to target, station, stand up, stand on all fours, and step onto a scale platform. We are working on training them to sit, present a paw, walk into a chute, and hold a position. In the future, we hope to train them to open their mouths, stand still for an injection, allow us to clip their nails, and to be comfortable with participating in training sessions on exhibit. The puppies already know how to target, stand up, station, and step onto a scale platform. We hope to teach them advanced behaviors as they grow. Training is very valuable, in that it helps to strengthen relationships between humans and animals. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It is time to end my takeover, so I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse at some of the animals here at Stone Zoo! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ --Faye, Zookeeper, #StoneZoo #KeeperTakeover ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #ZooNewEngland #BushDog #Zookeeping #Zookeeper #AnimalCare

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karleenminneyphotographer. Got up close and personal with some primates at the zoo today, but not

Got up close and personal with some primates at the zoo today, but not as up close and personal as @simonrossetto, someone was making love eyes with him all morning. #monkey #marmoset #primate #brothers #lovers #zoo #cameraman #winnews

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Актив совета СМУС поздравляет всех молодых работников ЗПКТ с Днем молодежи! . Вы — юные лица, открытые взгляды, И светлые мысли, и яркие сны. Пусть всё будет здорово, так, как и надо, Вы — гордость, надежда страны! . Встречаться, влюбляться, учиться, жениться И в выбранной сфере успеха добиться, От робких шагов до высоких ступеней Оставить свой след в череде поколений. . Пусть сложатся судьбы и сбудутся планы, Откроются двери, куда ни пойдёшь. Пускай не пугают преграды, туманы. Вы — сила. Виват, молодёжь!

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